Assessment of AI applications
Validate performance claims and gain trust in an AI product at a local site

Quality AI could help healthcare providers save more lives through better, faster screening and diagnosis. Metalynx bridges the gap between AI vendors and clinicians, to allow a system to be properly analysed, and give users the confidence they need to know it will work at their local site and for their patients.


Who we help

We enable clinicians and other AI buyers to gain trust in an AI product before adoption by providing third-party evaluation reports at the target user site.
Local site data may have particular populations, acquisition properties and clinical scenarios; our assessments provide validation evidence based on performance and safety as well as explanations to black-box models.

AI buyers

Health care organisations and radiologists looking to adopt AI

Validate performance claims on local data

Ensure fairness across demographics

Support for NHS Buyer's Guide Assessment (Performance & Safety)

Compare products from different vendors

AI vendors

Developers of imaging AI products looking to sell to healthcare providers

Gain trust with your clinical buyer

Accelerate time to sale with local evidence

Use internally for self-assessment

Standardise reporting in clinical studies

AI platorms

PACS vendors and other platforms offering suites of AI products

Allow healthcare decision makers to assess products across your platform

How it works


Validate performance claims on local data, local operators and local acquisition methods


Can the model make reliable predictions, even in unexpected situations?


Can the model predictions be explained by a user?
Is the model making the right decisions for the right reasons?


Is performance the same across all demographics and protected groups?


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